This map is part of the Shareable Cities network.

This map began in September 2018 when Sophia White and Preston Hegel teamed up. Both are advocates for stronger communities and healthier, happier lifestyles. They set up the first Map Jam, an event held at the Exchange Christchurch (XCHC), to get like-minded and interested people together to jot down lists of suggested groups that could be on the map.

The lists that emerged where enormous!

And so were the lessons learnt.

Taking these huge lists, a smaller group of volunteers have spearheaded the map creation: Sophia White, Abigail Walsh, Kat Miller, and Monica Jasper.

They developed criteria to make sure organisations adhere to the Christchurch Sharing Map vision:

  • Is the organisation community-centric?
  • Is it socially and environmentally sustainable?
  • Is it free or not-for-profit (accessible)?
  • Does it enable a sharing city and access to the commons?

Every organisation on the map was contacted to receive their permission. Thanks to all that have participated!