The following is a description of what you will find in the categories.

Advice & Support

This is a layer for organisations providing free or accessible advice be that financial, emotional, spiritual.

Co-working Spaces

Spaces that provide free or accessible co-working space

Cycling City

Organisations that support cyclists across Christchurch. Some provide workshops to improve your skills, your ability to repair your bicycle or purchase recycled bikes.

Gap Filler Projects

All of the city centre Gap Filler projects have been included in the map

Group Activities

Free group activities provided in the city


Organisations that provide advice on housing, community housing or community focused development.

Places to Learn

The places in the city that create opportunities for learning. Some of these organisations only provide opportunities for youths but most provide opportunities for all. Places like the Canterbury Museum and the art galleries provide experiences for all the family to enjoy learning together.

Local Food

This layer includes community gardens, urban farms, organisations that sell locally produced food and farmer’s markets.

Pre-loved Shopping

Opportunity shops as well as second hand shops that contribute to the community and a sustainable economy be reducing what goes to landfill.

Recycling & Repair

Organisations, places, people where you can take your goods to be recycled or repaired.

Time Banks

Locating the Time Banks across the city. Join a time bank to take part in community exchanges of time!