What is a sharing city, I hear you ask. Is it a city where residents share items? Share rides with one another? Freely share their time to build strong communities? Where our beautiful parks are valued as a shared space between nature and the city? Is it a city that overcomes challenges by sharing resources between different organisations? Is it city where skills and knowledge is shared?

Yes. It’s all of these.

In the words of the Shareable movement, “Cities are a key driver of the most urgent challenges societies face today including inequality, racism, social isolation, and climate change. Not to mention that billions of city dwellers all over the world are often unable to meet their basic needs for food, water, and housing.

Amidst this crisis lies tremendous opportunity for people to address these challenges together. Communities, organisations, and local governments are increasingly responding to challenges by reviving a basic human practice: sharing. By sharing their labor, space, goods, and more, people are overcoming scarcity by building and maintaining vital common resources. They show that sharing can lead everyone to have more, together.”

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